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Rico Nacho Cheese Dispenser
Rico Nacho Cheese Dispenser
Ricos Cheese Dispenser
Enjoy the taste of Nachos without the mess or hassle of a crock-pot. Bag-In-The-Box Cheese has been the leading way to sell Nachos for the past 10 years.
More Profits with less waste:
Because FUNacho utilizes a peristaltic pump and not out-dated gravity-fed technology, the QuickTop automatically dispenses up to 96% of the cheese sauce. This unmatched efficiency is the key to increasing your profits.
Less Mess - Less Cleanup:
The QuickTop is essentially maintenance-free, as our revolutionary technology prevents any cheese sauce from coming in contact with any internal parts. Employee time is greatly reduced and an occasional wiping down of the machine is all that is needed.
Easy Loading:
Just place the aseptic cheese bag on the platform, thread the tube, and clip the nozzle - no cleaning or reassembly of dispenser parts is necessary. The QuickTop also preheats another bag to eliminate down-time between bag changes. The dispenser holds two bags total, the equivalent of 2.5 #10 cans of cheese sauce.
Product Stays Fresh Longer:
The QuickTop system is completely sealed from the bag, through the tube, to the end of the nozzle; delivering hot, fresh cheese every single time. Your customers will always receive great tasting cheese sauce that is always fresh, bringing them back and increasing your sales volume.
Portion Control Means Higher Profits:
Another advantage of the QuickTop machine is customized portion control. The QuickTop will give you an accurate amount of product every time to enhance your profit control, keeping the profits in your pocket. All these custom features are designed specifically to increase your profitability. We can put better product in bags because our extraction rates don't depend on a watered-down product!
Dimensions: 26" H x 10" W x 16" D
Weight: 18lbs.
Voltage: 120 AC 60Hz
Watts: 200; Amps: 2

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